University of Michigan Engineering Council

College of Engineering Student Government

The University of Michigan Engineering Council is the student government for the College of Engineering. This organization promotes positive change in the college as well as supports the student body and its organizations. 

Your 2014 Executive Board:

President Max Olender

Vice President David Hershey

Director of Administration Colin Harman

Director of Social Affairs Brigid McNamara

Director of Leadership Neal Parikh

Director of Publicity Robert Polik

Director of Finance Nick Babcock

Director of Student Affairs Adam Schroeder

Corporate Director James Glantz

Honors and Service Director Sophie Hardig

UMEC Calendar for Winter 2014

Wednesday, Jan 22nd - General Body Meeting
     7:00 pm 1013 DOW
Wednesday, Feb 19th - General Body Meeting      7:00 pm 1670 BBB
Wednesday, March 12th- General Body Meeting    

ThursdayMarch 13th - Tournament of Champions

Saturday, March 22nd - North Campus Service Day
     7:00 pm


1013 DOW


Wednesday, March 26th- General Body Meeting    7:00 pm                  1013 DOW
Wednesday, April 9th- General Body Meeting

Sunday, April 20th - Order of the Engineer

Wednesday, April 22nd - Spring Fest
    7:00 pm



                 1013 DOW


                 North Campus Diag